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Charlotte S. Jensen, FASID, CID

Welcome to my website. Charlotte Jensen & Associates is located in San Diego, California. The firm specializes in residential, commercial and institutional interior design. My approach is collaborative and I consider my clients to be members of the design team. I want my clients to be excited about the process and the concepts. Sharing a specialized knowledge of lighting, color, architectural detailing, furnishings and artwork helps to stimulate my clients’ own creativity.

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Listening and understanding our clients’ needs financially as well as aesthetically has always been a top priority. Guiding our clients throughout the complicated design and construction phases with efficiency, attention to detail and constant cost monitoring helps our clients stay organized throughout this process. Good communication and information sharing is another way in which we assist throughout each project.


With today’s increased technology in communication, solar, motorization, security, audio visual, energy and lighting control systems, there is a need for a wide variety of specialists. We have worked with many consultants over the years and can assist our clients with the evaluation and assembly of this team. How one feels is directly related to the surrounding environment. These technologies allow our clients to customize their world to satisfy any need or desire.

Designing in three very diverse areas (Residential, Commercial and Institutional) has allowed me to bring specialized knowledge of sources, finishes and fabricators from each specialty to the projects. This wider variety of sources has allowed my clients and I to create some very unique and dramatic design solutions that have made them very happy and in many commercial instances, increased their profitability. Client satisfaction is what we always want to achieve.